Water Tube Steam Boiler

Water Tube Steam Boiler

Water Tube Steam Boiler
  • gas steam boiler powerRated thermal power:6-50t/h
  • gas steam boiler efficiencyRated thermal efficiency:98.6-104.7%
  • gas steam boiler pressurePressure:1.25-2.5Mpa
  • gas steam boiler fuelAvailable fuel:Natural gas, LPG, diesel, light oil, etc
  • Product description
  • Product advantages
  • Technical features
  • Model parameters

Product Description

Water Tube Steam Boiler description icon

FANGKUAI’s water tube steam boiler is a steam boiler with a double-drum longitudinal arrangement, full-membrane water-cooled wall, D-shaped furnace natural circulation, and micro-positive pressure combustion. Seam steel tubes form convection tube bundles, and the right side is the combustion chamber composed of upper and lower headers and membrane walls. The burner is fixed on the front wall. After the fuel is sprayed out by the burner, it burns in the furnace (the first return pass) with slight positive pressure. After the high-temperature flue gas radiates and releases heat, it turns 180° to the left behind the furnace and enters the second pass. The convection tube bank of the second pass flows to the front of the furnace, turns 180° to the right in front of the furnace, enters the convection tube bank of the economizer (the third return pass), then passes through the condenser to fully exchange heat, and finally enters the chimney through the flue and discharges into the atmosphere.

Product Advantages

Water Tube Steam Boiler advantages icon
  • Closed membrane wall structure

    The industrial water tube steam boiler adopts slight positive pressure combustion, and the furnace wall tube is a membrane wall structure. It has a certain pressure-bearing capacity, and there will be no smoke or air leakage when it is operated under a slight positive pressure.

  • High-Efficiency Heat Exchange Elements

    The flue gas waste heat recovery part adopts high-efficiency and low-resistance high-frequency welded finned tubes and steel-aluminum composite finned tubes. The heat exchange surface is sufficient and the resistance of the flue gas side system is small.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

    The products after oil and gas combustion contain harmful substances such as SO2 and NOX, which dissolve in the condensed water of the flue gas to make the condensed water have strong acidity. The selected steel-aluminum composite finned tube has good acid corrosion resistance.

  • Wide range of applications

    Water tube steam boiler provides production steam for food, printing and dyeing, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other enterprises, and provides steam for heating of other enterprises, hotels, and domestic hot water through water tank heating.

Technical Features

Water Tube Steam Boiler features icon
  • PLC control system

    Fangkuai SZS water tube steam boiler is equipped with PLC (programmable logic controller), touch screen, program controller, water level controller, and load controller (the boiler with flame level adjustment does not have this part) and other controls in the electric control cabinet monitoring and display devices. Each of the above control components has signals sent to the PLC at the same time. The PLC continuously analyzes and judges the received signals, and has the function of monitoring the above control components. It will be displayed in time, and the boiler can be controlled and operated through the touch screen.

  • Flame protection program

    When the ignition flame is established, the flame detector starts to work. When an ignition flame is detected, the first flame detection (combustion flame) will be performed. After the flame is detected, the program controller completes the ignition process, and the combustion enters the load adjustment. If no flame is detected at any one time, the programmer will lock itself and cut off the gas supply, and at the same time shut down the furnace and give an audible and visual alarm.

Model Parameters

Water Tube Steam Boiler parameters icon
Types Evaporation Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Power requirement Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit t/h MPa % V/Hz mm t mm
SZS6-2.5-Y(Q) 6 ≤2.5 98.6-104.7 Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, LPG, etc 380/50 8340 * 6767 * 4192 26 500 * 450
SZS10-1.6-Y(Q) 10 9560 * 7460 * 4230 32 650 * 650
SZS15-1.6-Y(Q) 15 10250 * 7500 * 4250 42 1000 * 850
SZS20-1.6-Y(Q) 20 10260 * 8500 * 4460 52 1650 * 640
SZS25-1.6-Y(Q) 25 10280 * 8900 * 4760 54 1650 * 675
SZS30-1.6-Y(Q) 30 13110 * 9150 * 4780 64 1500 * 700
SZS40-1.6-Y(Q) 40 13700 * 9250 * 4800 76 1500 * 700
SZS50-1.6-Y(Q) 50 14840 * 9360 * 4830 100 1600 * 800
SZS10-1.6/350-Y(Q) 10 9960 * 7470 * 4430 31 650 * 650
SZS15-1.6/350-Y(Q) 15 11760 * 8400 * 4880 49 1000 * 850
SZS20-1.6/350-Y(Q) 20 12460 * 8670 * 4980 65 1650 * 640
SZS25-1.6/350-Y(Q) 25 12800 * 9210 * 5050 70 1650 * 675
SZS30-1.6/350-Y(Q) 30 13710 * 9350 * 5120 75 1500 * 700
SZS35-1.6/350-Y(Q) 35 14610 * 9420 * 5520 80 1500 * 700
SZS40-1.6/350-Y(Q) 40 16250 * 9500 * 5650 86 1600 * 800

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