Gas Hot Water Boiler

Gas Hot Water Boiler

Gas Hot Water Boiler
  • gas steam boiler powerRated thermal power:0.1-14Mw
  • gas steam boiler efficiencyRated thermal efficiency:91-96%
  • gas steam boiler pressurePressure:≤1.25MPa
  • gas steam boiler fuelAvailable fuel:natural gas, diesel oil, lpg, propane, etc.
  • Product description
  • Product advantages
  • Technical features
  • Model parameters

Product Description

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Fangkuai’s gas hot water boiler adopts advanced fully premixed plane combustion technology to increase the heat load of the furnace volume and reduce the formation of high-temperature NOX. The convection heating surface adopts a combination of natural convection and forced convection in a large space to ensure uniform washing of the heating surface and reduce the requirements for boiler water quality. This boiler is a condensing boiler with an overall layout based on rigorous thermal theoretical calculations and years of experience in thermal layout pipe networks and uses CFD (numerical simulation) technology. It is very suitable for low-temperature heating systems and solves the low-load and chronic disease of low-temperature corrosion.

Product Advantages

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  • Compact structure and small volume

    The gas-fired hot water boiler with fully premixed plane combustion technology and wing technology can optimize and improve the structure and layout of the boiler and burner, making the volume of the boiler greatly reduced, which is 60% smaller than that of ordinary condensing hot water boilers.

  • Smart Modular System

    Gas-fired boilers are used as backups for each other, which greatly improves equipment utilization, investment utilization, and operational safety. The system load adjustment ratio is improved, the outlet water temperature is more constant, the system operation efficiency is further improved, and the service life of the boiler is automatically balanced.

  • Cloud Service 3.0

    It can realize several major functions such as real-time monitoring, data analysis, optimization suggestions, maintenance, and safety alarms, forming a closed loop of monitoring and feedback integrating "platform discovery, diagnostic analysis, on-site inspection, implementation of rectification, and efficient operation".

  • Humanized Control System

    High-resolution color touch screen, dynamic operation interface, multi-level operation authority management, and automatic recording of operation parameters, curves, and faults, make the operation more humanized and intelligent.

Technical Features

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  • Fully premixed plane combustion

    In fully premixed planar combustion, fuel and oxygen are mixed in a very fine, uniform, planar mixing layer. This mixed layer is ignited, and a flame is formed by the reaction of fuel and oxygen. Since the fuel and oxygen have been thoroughly mixed together, the flame propagates throughout the mixed layer, creating a flat flame pattern. This allows fully premixed planar combustion to be used to study the fundamental properties of flames without being affected by the flame shape.

  • Feather Tube Technology

    The convection heating surface of the gas-fired hot water boiler adopts silicon-aluminum alloy heat-conducting tubes, which increases the heat exchange area by 5 times, replaces more heat in the flue gas, and improves heat exchange efficiency. And the use of silicon-aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity for heat transfer greatly prolongs the service life of the pressure components.

Model Parameters

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Types Thermal power Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Power requirement Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit Mw MPa % V/Hz mm t mm
CWNS0.7-95/70-Y.Q 0.7 ≤1.25 91-96 Light oil,
natural gas
380/50 3370 * 1660 * 1830 2.32 300
CWNS1.4-95/70-Y.Q 1.4 3450 * 1820 * 2030 3.04 350
CWNS2.1-95/70-Y.Q 2.1 4200 * 1940 * 2420 5.04 350
CWNS2.8-95/70-Y.Q 2.8 5230 * 1940 * 2340 5.24 450
CWNS4.2-95/70-Y.Q 4.2 6550 * 2340 * 3640 10.08 550
CWNS5.6-95/70-Y.Q 5.6 7580 * 2550 * 3780 16.4 700 * 550
WNS0.7-1.0/95/70-Y.Q 0.7 3490 * 1710 * 2880 3.33 300
WNS1.4-1.0/95/70-Y.Q 1.4 4320 * 1930 * 2200 4.66 350
WNS2.8-1.0/95/70-Y.Q 2.8 5340 * 1990 * 3460 8.14 450
WNS4.2-1.0/95/70-Y.Q 4.2 6540 * 2330 * 3630 14.21 600 * 450
WNS5.6-1.0/95/70-Y.Q 5.6 7260 * 2580 * 3950 19.85 600 * 450
WNS7-1.0/95/70-Y.Q 7 7630 * 2730 * 4410 24.72 700 * 450
WNS14-1.0/95/70-Y.Q 14 9340 * 3660 * 4690 46.42 950 * 600

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