Oil Combi Boiler

Oil Combi Boiler

Oil Combi Boiler
  • gas steam boiler powerRated thermal power:0.7-28MW
  • gas steam boiler efficiencyRated thermal efficiency:96-98%
  • gas steam boiler pressurePressure:≤1.25MPa
  • gas steam boiler fuelAvailable fuel:diesel oil, light oil, heavy oil, etc.
  • Product description
  • Product advantages
  • Technical features
  • Model parameters

Product Description

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Fangkuai integrated oil combi boiler series is a typical horizontal full-wet back center back-burning three-pass structure, the fuel is fully stretched in the large furnace volume, and slightly positive pressure combustion. And through the advanced condensation technology to reabsorb the waste heat of the flue gas, make full use of the sensible heat and latent heat in the flue gas, the heat is put into the boiler again, further improving the boiler efficiency, the exhaust gas temperature is only about 50 ℃, and the thermal efficiency of the boiler It can reach more than 96%. The structure of the steel-aluminum composite finned tube of the condenser is more reasonable, the thermal conductivity is better, and the life of the boiler is improved at the same time.

Product Advantages

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  • Energy efficient

    The layout of the heating surface of the oil combi boiler is reasonable, the technical parameters are properly selected, the heat transfer area is sufficient, and the heat transfer efficiency is extremely high.

  • Low nitrogen environmental protection

    The integrated scheme of waste heat utilization has a thermal efficiency of over 96%, and also reduces the emission of harmful substances such as NOX, SOX, and Cox.

  • Difficult to scale

    The feed water is deoxidized before entering the oil-fired combined boiler; the large-volume structure makes the cooling water flow smoothly and is not easy to scale.

  • good welding quality

    The main welds are all made of automatic welding equipment, which is formed by one-time welding to ensure the quality of the boiler.

Technical Features

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  • Corrugated Furnace

    The corrugated furnace is independently developed, designed and manufactured by Fangkuai, and it is more closely integrated with the boiler; compared with the conventional furnace, the corrugated design structure greatly increases the heating area of the furnace and makes the heating more uniform. At the same time, prevent the furnace from breaking due to free expansion due to high-temperature combustion.

  • Waste heat integrated solution

    On the basis of the traditional fuel-gas hot water boiler, the oil combination boiler has added an integrated solution for waste heat utilization. A condensation recovery device is installed at the end of the flue. After the high temperature passes through, the latent heat is released, and the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to 95 °C. , The thermal efficiency is as high as 96%, and the cost performance of enterprise investment is very high.

Model Parameters

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TypesThermal powerSteam pressureThermal efficiencyFuelPower requirementLength * Width * HeightWeightChimney
CWNSL0.7-95/70-Y.Q0.7≤1.2596-98Light oil,
natural gas
380/503730 * 1950 * 24303.43300
CWNSL1.4-95/70-Y.Q1.43710 * 2270 * 28504.55350
CWNSL2.1-95/70-Y.Q2.14440 * 2360 * 32206.18450
CWNSL2.8-95/70-Y.Q2.85170 * 2520 * 33106.33450
WNS2.8-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q2.85500 * 3260 * 36808.15450
WNS4.2-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q4.26500 * 3530 * 432013.94550
WNS5.6-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q5.67090 * 4030 * 499017.99700
WNS7-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q77650 * 4040 * 509020.43700
WNS14-1.25-115(95)/70-Y.Q149280 * 4350 * 577040.46900

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