Propane Gas Boiler

Propane Gas Boiler

Propane Gas Boiler
  • gas steam boiler powerRated thermal power:0.5-20t/h
  • gas steam boiler efficiencyRated thermal efficiency:92-98%
  • gas steam boiler pressurePressure:0-150psi
  • gas steam boiler fuelAvailable fuel:propane gas
  • Product description
  • Product advantages
  • Technical features
  • Model parameters

Product Description

Propane Gas Boiler description icon

Fangkuai’s propane gas boilers use propane gas as the primary fuel source to heat water or generate steam, which is then used to provide heat to buildings or homes. Propane is a clean, efficient fuel often used in areas without natural gas. They come in various sizes and configurations, including wall-mount, floor-mount, and condensing models. They can be used in various applications including residential heating, commercial heating, and industrial processes. Propane gas boilers are generally considered a safe and reliable heating option, but like any heating system, they require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

Product Advantages

Propane Gas Boiler advantages icon
  • High thermal efficiency

    The propane gas boiler uses an economizer and an air preheater together, and the combustion and heat exchange are deeply coupled, making the boiler a complete thermal energy system, which fully embodies the utilization of the latent heat of the flue gas.

  • 3 minutes to steam

    The unique wing heat exchange element can increase the heat exchange rate by 5 times. The water capacity of the boiler is extremely small, and once it is started, it can output high-temperature steam in 3 minutes.

  • Boiler room infrastructure cost is low

    Compared with ordinary boilers, it saves 2/3 of the floor area. And it can be installed underground, semi-underground, or on the ground, and has low requirements in the boiler room.

  • long-lasting

    The furnace is corrugated, which not only increases the heating surface but also alleviates the loss of the combustion chamber caused by thermal expansion and contraction so that the life of the boiler can reach more than 15 years.

Technical Features

Propane Gas Boiler features icon
  • Wing Heat Exchange Technology

    The propane gas boiler produced by Fangkuai adopts the heat exchange element "feather tube" of new technology instead of the outer finned tube, and the cooling water circulates outside the tube, which avoids the defects that the outer finned tube is easy to scale and difficult to clean. The unique tearing groove design increases the heat exchange area by 5 times under the same volume, the latent heat of vaporization in the flue gas is fully absorbed, the energy is effectively utilized, and the efficiency is higher.

  • Empty pre-integrated structure

    Propane gas boilers adopt air and flue gas convection heat exchange method to further absorb the latent heat of flue gas and send the air heated by the air preheater to the burner through the connecting pipe to provide warm air for combustion and improve combustion efficiency. The fan that can be controlled by frequency conversion has greater freedom, and the combustion adjustment is finer. The boiler can run smoothly under various working conditions.

Model Parameters

Propane Gas Boiler parameters icon
Types Evaporation Steam pressure Steam temperature Feed water temperature Thermal efficiency Fuel Natural gas consumption Power requirement Electric power Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit t/h MPa % Nm3/h V/Hz KW mm t mm
θ5-2800 4 ≤1.6 204 150℃(80%)
>95 Propane gas 250.4 380/50 29.5 5000 * 2500 * 4200 13 700
θ5-4200 6 375.6 48 5700 * 2500 * 4400 18 900
θ5-7000 10 625.3 60 7100 * 4700 * 5000 28 700
θ5-10500 15 937.9 77 7300 * 5400 * 5500 39 900
θ5-14000 20 1250.6 120 7600 * 5800 * 6000 56 900

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