Diesel Steam Boiler

Diesel Steam Boiler

Diesel Steam Boiler
  • gas steam boiler powerRated thermal power:0.1-120t/h
  • gas steam boiler efficiencyRated thermal efficiency:82-95%
  • gas steam boiler pressurePressure:1-25bar
  • gas steam boiler fuelAvailable fuel:diesel fuel, biodiesel, light oil, heavy oil, etc
  • Product description
  • Product advantages
  • Technical features
  • Model parameters

Product Description

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A diesel steam boiler is a type of boiler that uses diesel fuel as its fuel source to heat water and generate steam. The steam produced by the boiler is used for various applications such as power generation, heating, and industrial processes. Diesel steam boilers are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, oil and gas, and agriculture, where they provide a reliable source of heat and steam for various processes. They are efficient and cost-effective, making them a popular choice for many industries.

Product Advantages

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  • Higher thermal efficiency

    Diesel has a high energy density and high combustion temperature which, if properly burned, can produce complete combustion, maximizing the energy output of the fuel. This results in fewer emissions and more thermal energy generation, resulting in higher thermal efficiency.

  • Lower emissions

    Diesel fuel has a lower carbon content and burns cleaner and more efficiently than other fossil fuels such as coal or oil. This means fewer carbon emissions, including nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM), are produced when burned.

  • Cost efficiency

    Diesel fired steam boilers are built to last and can operate for many years with minimal maintenance. This makes them a more cost-effective option over time, as they require less frequent repairs and replacements compared to other types of boilers.

  • Low maintenance

    Diesel steam boilers are built to withstand high temperatures and pressure and are made of materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear. This durability means that diesel steam boilers can operate for long periods of time with minimal maintenance.

Technical Features

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  • Heat Exchange Technology

    The heat exchanger is the component that transfers heat from the combustion chamber to the water in the boiler. The heat exchanger can be designed using different materials, such as steel or copper, and can have different shapes and configurations depending on the specific application. The design and materials used in the heat exchanger can affect the efficiency and lifespan of the boiler.

  • The fuel delivery system

    The fuel delivery system of a diesel steam boiler is a critical component that ensures the reliable and efficient operation of the boiler. It is responsible for delivering diesel fuel from the storage tank to the combustion chamber, where it is burned to generate heat. The fuel delivery system typically consists of several components, including a fuel tank, Fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel filters, and fuel injectors.

Model Parameters

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Types Thermal power Steam pressure Thermal efficiency Fuel Power requirement Length * Width * Height Weight Chimney
Unit Mw MPa % V/Hz mm t mm
CWNSL0.7-95/70-Y.Q 0.7 ≤1.25 96-98 Light oil,
natural gas
380/50 3730 * 1950 * 2430 3.43 300
CWNSL1.4-95/70-Y.Q 1.4 3710 * 2270 * 2850 4.55 350
CWNSL2.1-95/70-Y.Q 2.1 4440 * 2360 * 3220 6.18 450
CWNSL2.8-95/70-Y.Q 2.8 5170 * 2520 * 3310 6.33 450
WNS2.8-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 2.8 5500 * 3260 * 3680 8.15 450
WNS4.2-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 4.2 6500 * 3530 * 4320 13.94 550
WNS5.6-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 5.6 7090 * 4030 * 4990 17.99 700
WNS7-1.0-115(95)/70-Y.Q 7 7650 * 4040 * 5090 20.43 700
WNS14-1.25-115(95)/70-Y.Q 14 9280 * 4350 * 5770 40.46 900

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