Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler
  • gas steam boiler powerRated thermal power:0.35-4.2Mw
  • gas steam boiler efficiencyRated thermal efficiency:96.1-105.5%
  • gas steam boiler pressurePressure:0-2.5Mpa
  • gas steam boiler fuelAvailable fuel:diesel, biomass oil, light oil, heavy oil, etc.
  • Product description
  • Product advantages
  • Technical features
  • Model parameters

Product Description

Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler description icon

FANGKUAI’s H6 series oil fired hot water boiler is a fully condensing hot water boiler. The combustion system adopts advanced full premixed burners to increase the heat load of the furnace volume and reduce the generation of high-temperature NOx; large space natural convection and forced convection to ensure the heating surface. Uniform flushing reduces the requirements for boiler water quality and greatly improves boiler efficiency. The oil hot water boiler with an overall layout based on rigorous thermal expalma pipe networks saves capital investment costs. This type of furnace is very suitable for low-temperature heating systems such as hotels, schools, baths, and other enterprises and institutions that provide heating and domestic hot water.

Product Advantages

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  • Strong corrosion resistance

    The condensing heat transfer element of the oil hot water boiler furnace is made of aluminum-silicon alloy, which has strong corrosion resistance.

  • Modular Boiler

    Improve the system load adjustment ratio and further improve the system operating efficiency. reduce fuel and operating costs, and maximize The adjustment range reaches 20-100%.

  • Environmental friendly

    The oil hot water boiler heating system adopts a new environmentally friendly combustion method, fully premixing fuel and air, and adopts surface combustion technology, with higher combustion efficiency, NOx≤30mg/m3.

  • Superior Control Technology

    The burner can achieve proportional adjustment: the burner can continuously adjust the output load of the burner according to the amount of hot water used by the user, and realize the stepless adjustment of the output of the burner, which can keep the boiler at a high level of combustion efficiency.

Technical Features

Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler features icon
  • "Ultraten" feather tube technology

    The oil-fired hot water boiler adopts the heat transfer element with superior heat transfer performance - the feather tube of Ultraten technology. Using numerical simulation analysis technology, the heat transfer area is increased by 5 times. The unique tearing groove design effectively reduces the thermal resistance of the water film. The heat transfer element goes deep into the center of the flue gas, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency, and the thermal efficiency is as high as 105%.

  • Fully automatic control system

    Fully automatic control, complete functions, once put into operation, the boiler will automatically run, water level, water temperature, etc. are automatically adjusted, automatic protection, can be turned on and off at regular intervals and start and stop in time. Boiler overpressure, overtemperature, low water level, power failure, Undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, lack of phase, anti-overburning, and other sudden failures can be shut down in time, and manually reset after troubleshooting.

Model Parameters

Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler parameters icon
Types In/out water temperature 70℃/95℃ In/out water temperature 60℃/80℃ In/out water temperature 40℃/60℃ In/out water temperature 30℃/50℃ Water capacity(m³) Weight(t)
Hot water circulation(t/h) Gas consumption(Nm³/h) Hot water circulation(t/h) Gas consumption(Nm³/h) Hot water circulation(t/h) Gas consumption(Nm³/h) Hot water circulation(t/h) Gas consumption(Nm³/h)
H6-350 12 33.8 15.1 33.43 15.1 31.67 15.1 30.63 0.15 1.07
H6-700 24.08 67.76 30.1 66.87 30.1 63.33 30.1 61.27 0.33 1.75
H6-1050 36.12 102.8 45.15 101.6 45.15 97.6 45.15 93.6 0.78 2.84
H6-1400 48.2 137.1 60.2 135.5 60.2 130.2 60.2 124.9 0.83 3.03
H6-2100 72.2 205.4 90.3 203.08 90.3 194.86 90.3 187.29 1.5 3.73
H6-2800 96.3 273.86 120.4 270.77 120.4 260.08 120.4 249.96 1.5 4.02
H6-3500 120.4 340.4 150.5 336.5 150.5 323.3 150.5 310.7 1.2 5.84
H6-4200 144.48 411.23 180.6 406.58 180.6 390.52 180.6 375.34 1.2 7.04

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